Why Patty's Place?

We believe  when individuals and families struggle with their mental health that the process of accessing care should not add to their burden. Whether a family does not know where to start on the journey to wellness, feels the existing support is not the right fit for their needs, and/or may require specialized care - we offer the space and time to individualize a clear path forward. 

We believe  that while traditional therapy and behavioral health services provide a critical support and greatly benefit our Southwest Florida community in many ways, that one size does not fit all and innovative approaches to overall wellness for youth and families is a missing piece of the puzzle.

We believe  that Patty's Place has created a unique space and place in the community for youth and families. A beautiful, calming atmosphere that is purposefully designed to reduce stigma and stress. In the words of Henri Nouwen we strive to "offer a space where people are encouraged to disarm themselves, lay aside their occupations and preoccupations and listen with attention and care to the voice speaking in their own center".

We believe  that now more than ever before in this nation, and more specifically Southwest Florida, needs to explore and embrace novel solutions to meet the youth mental health crisis head on. The need has always existed and within the last few years has been exasperated. Whether you attribute the drastic rise in need to the global pandemic and/or natural disasters (such as Hurricane Ian's devastating and lasting effects on Southwest Florida) we can all agree now is the time to act.

We believe  that there is a critical need to expand approaches and reframe youth mental health with personalized care. Mental health is broad topic, which requires broadened solutions. Patty's Place is positioned to serve an array of youth and families needs. Over time, resulting in a reduced need in the Southwest Florida community for youth to escalate to requiring emergency crisis intervention. The system is entirely overwhelmed by the masses of incoming youth mental health crisis's. 

We believe  that the first step in achieving wellness is the most important step. At Patty's Place, we promise to walk those first steps with you because we are better together.