What to Expect 

You can expect excellent service and compassionate care. 

The team of Patty's Place PALS (Professional Advocates Linking Support) brings a variety of expertise and experiences which allow this models success. They understand the dynamic world that our youth live in today. 

You can expect to work with an array of trained mental health professionals that may be comprised of but are not limited to: 

Youth and Family Services

Initial Intake Meeting - 1.5 Hours / $150.00 

The purpose of our initial intake meeting is for us to learn about you and your needs, both short term and long term. You will learn about our unique model, completely tailored to you personally.  

Personal Planning Meetings - 1 Hour / $85.00 

The purpose of our personal planning meetings are to spend time providing interim support, monitoring  progress, and when determined appropriate providing direct connectivity to various referral resources. Referrals can include but are not limited to: behavioral health counseling, psychiatry, community empowerment programs, arts and recreational therapeutic programs, grief counseling, etc. 

Supervision Services

Registered CSW Intern Supervision - 1 Hour / $100.00 

Offering clinical supervision for MSW graduates required by the Florida Department of Health Board of CSW, MFT, and MHC to obtain full licensure. Patricia M. DeVost, LCSW is a Qualified Supervisor with over 23 years of vast experience in the field. Supervision meetings take place on a weekly basis in person. 

Mental Health First Aid 

Adult MHFA Training 

Mental Health First Aid is made possible through the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use issues. Our team consists of trained instructors to bring the Adult MHFA training course to our community. Become one of more than 3 million people across the United States who holds a MHFA Certification and let's make MHFA as common as CPR. 

Contact Logan DeVost at logan@pattysplace.org or 239-471-7047 to learn more and schedule your training course. 


We accept cash, checks, Zelle, and the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JBC, Diners Club, FSA, and HSA. 

Our unique service model at Patty's Place Concierge Youth Mental Health Care is private pay. This is due to the nature of our work, different from traditional diagnostic and clinical treatment covered by health insurance. The insurance industry is beginning to embrace overall wellness and we encourage you to speak directly to you provider to determine if reimbursement for Patty's Place services is possible under your coverage. 

Through the support and generosity of community and corporate grants as well as donations made to the Patty's Place Fund, a fund of Collaboratory - we are proud to be able to offer financial assistance for our services, which is determined as needed on a case-by-case basis.